Jane Taylor

Your Money Matters

Ready to Focus on and Prioritise Your Finances?

Jane Taylor

Distance Learning 8-Week MBSR Course

The 8-week MBSR Course uses mindfulness practice as the core of the program to teach people how to take better care of themselves and live healthier, more adaptive lives.

Jane Taylor

Nourishing You - 28 Days of Self-Care

Ready to focus on looking after yourself?

Jane Taylor

The 90-Day Commitment: Changing Habits from the Inside Out

The 90-Day Commitment is for women who are ready to take action towards change in their life. They would like to be held accountable, educated, supported, inspired and celebrated as they break up with fear (and other draining habits).

Jane Taylor

DeClutter Your Diary - Master Your Time and Energy

Know it is time to get organised, set-up systems, be supported and held accountable as you start to ficus on what matters to you?

Jane Taylor

The End-of-Year Ritual

Reflect + Release, Visualise + Dream and Plan + Prepare for 2019