2018 Create Your Year Planner

Transform Your Dreams In To Reality! | taught by Jane Taylor

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This 72-page 2018 Create Your Year Planner has been designed for you to reconnect with your dreams, create your plan and then take the steps that are aligned to your heart, body and soul, so you can turn your dreams in to reality.

The planner is divided in to three (3) different sections. Firstly, we will be celebrating 2017 and letting it go. You will identify your peak experiences, your challenges and also your gifts and lessons. We will finish the section of expressing gratitude for 2017.

In the second section we take time out to press pause, so we can establish where you are now in relation to the areas of your life. You will also identify your value and strengths so that you can create goals that area aligned with who you are.

Finally, the third section is all about the future. You can write your self a future letter, decide who you will BE, what you want to DO and have as well as establish your top 3 intentions.

As a bonus, we include 12 months of reflection, so you can check-in to see how you are going in relation to your plans and intentions.


Purchase the 2018 Create Your Year Planner by December 31, 2017 and you will receive access to a free webinar on January 4, 2018!

As part of the 2018 Create Your Year Planner, you will have the opportunity to -

  • Celebrate and close 2017.
  • Identify and create your vision.
  • Establish where you currently are in all aspects of your work and life. 
  • Determine and align with what matters most to you (yes it is different for each of us).
  • Connect to your strengths.
  • Develop a flexible and clear plan.
  • Break up with draining habits and start to establish sustainable habits and routines, so you can focus on your goals.
  • Grow your confidence and decision-making skills.
  • Focus on quality action steps to move you closer to your vision.

Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor

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2018 Create Your Life Planner
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