The 90-Day Commitment: Changing Habits from the Inside Out!

Ready to consciously create change in your life over the next 90 days? | taught by Jane Taylor

Course description

Do you have a change you want to make in your business, career or life (big or small), a project or idea that you are ready to create? Is it time to embrace your courage and confidence?

Do you believe that connecting with others can encourage you to take ownership, spark creative ideas and support you with the questions that arise with transforming your business, career and life?

Are you sick of thinking and talking about this change and ready to take action?

If so, I have an invitation for you...


Change is one of the few certainties in life.

Many of us want to change things in our lives or about ourselves, but that is not the main problem.

One of the main problems is we criticise and judge ourselves harshly for not making the change/s.

A few years ago, it dawned on me. I finally realised I had to change on the inside for the outside to change. It was a real lightbulb moment and I understood what Aldous Huxley meant when he said - “I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

I have been making changes ever since and now it is time to share the adventure of change with YOU!

Welcome to the 90-Day Commitment - Changing Habits from the Inside Out...

The 90-Day Commitment: Changing Habits from the Inside Out is a 90-day Coaching Package for women who are ready to take action and embrace their courage whilst making empowering changes to their life. They would like to be held accountable, educated, supported, inspired and celebrated as they break up with fear (and other draining habits) and take small and empowering steps towards creating changes in their personal or professional life over 90 days so they can create a career and life they love.

What Will You Learn or Remember?

We will take the time so you can align to your mind, heart and soul.

The mind work is about becoming aware of attitudes, beliefs and stories you are telling yourself, the heart work looks at the practices of forgiveness, emotional intelligence and compassion and the soul work relates to living in alignment with your gifts and making a difference to others.

As part of the 90-Day Commitment, you will be invited to -

  • Identify a change you would like to make over 90 days.
  • Determine and align with what matters most to you (yes it is different for each of us).
  • Connect to your strengths and values.
  • Establish sustainable habits and routines, so you can focus on your change.
  • Grow your confidence and decision-making skills.
  • Focus on your change and identify a range of strategies for creating greater flow and harmony.
  • Discover any stumbling blocks, including becoming aware of your monkey mind.
  • Increase your accountability levels.
  • Be reminded to make small incremental improvements in your day, week and month!
  • Celebrate your change.

How Does the 90-Day Commitment work? 

The 90-Day Commitment is all about YOU and your relationship with yourself!. It is about you focusing on your change over 90-Days, so you can trust yourself more in a safe and supportive environment.

Throughout the 90 days, you will connect with your identified change for your business, career and/or life, develop strategies and identify what is really preventing you from taking action towards achieving your potential and experiencing flow in your life.

3 Reasons to Join the 90-Day Commitment - 

There are a number of reasons to join us in the 90-Day Commitment, including -

  1. The 90-Day Commitment is interactive. You will join a community of people making changes in their business, career and life. The community is a safe and supportive place that will honour and recognise where you are now, identify what you would like to change and continue to support and celebrate when you complete your change.
  2. Fear is stopping you from taking the next step in your business, career or life. You cannot think your way out of fear, you have to find the courage and take action. In the Turning Point we will be supporting you to take action each day and tap in to the power within.
  3. The 90-Day Commitment is simple and grounded in research. In essence, the 90-Day Commitment is simple, however sometimes the simple things are also the hardest. It is about unlearning as well as remembering and being yourself. Yes, it is also grounded in research, which is why it is 90 days!

When You Join the 90-Day Commitment, You'll Benefit from

  • Personal Growth and Learning - as you participate and engage in the 90-Day Commitment: Changing Habits from the Inside Out, you will discover additional self-worth and evolve as a person.
  • Energy and Flow - there may be days (or weeks) in your profession or business when you do not have very much energy. However, when you are aligned with your own heart and soul life starts to flow with ease and grace.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice -The key to life is paying attention and being present. Yes, this can be challenging. On the surface, it can appear easier to bolt and run away (don't worry I have done that many, many times), however in the long run it doesn't work. This is why we are going to continually practice coming back to focus on yourself and the habits you want to change.
  • Accountability - no longer will you feel like you are trying to do it all by yourself! In the 90-Day Commitment, you will be setting up, focusing on and developing systems to track your accountability. You will find yourself more inspired to take action when you have a support system cheering you on.
  • Encouragement and Support - you will have encouragement from Jane. When was the last time someone gave you genuine support and celebrated your successes? In the 90-Day Commitment, we want to share your successes, no matter how big or small they may seem!

What's Included in the 90-Day Commitment Price?

For the 90-Day Commitment, you will receive -

Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor

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