Jane Taylor

Grateful You: Toolkit for Cultivating Gratitude

Time to reconnect with the habit of gratitude?

Jane Taylor

Nourishing You: Toolkit for Self-Care

Ready to focus on looking after yourself?

Jane Taylor

Slow Down and Tune In: Toolkit for Journaling and Remembering

Slow Down and Tune In is for womxn who are ready to increase their connection with their own inner wisdom, whilst focusing on their own essential needs, priorities and vision for life and developing greater self-trust through journaling.

Jane Taylor

Money Clarity Toolkit

Ready to Reconnect, Organise and Prioritising Your Relationship With Money?

Jane Taylor

Untangling Emotional Literacy Distance-Learning Course

Untangling Emotional Literacy is a 4 week online course for womxn who are ready to develop their knowledge and skills in emotional literacy in a supportive online environment for their own personal and professional self-leadership.

Jane Taylor

Boundaries With Courage

Boundaries With Courage is an online learning community for professionals who are ready to invest time, apply their knowledge and take action towards creating healthy boundaries so they can reclaim their own time, energy, career and life.