Course Description

Can You Relate?

In the midst of all of the external chaos and pressures - the striving to do your best, the control, wearing masks of perfectionism and pleasing others - you have forgotten you are worthy!

You have forgotten you are Whole. Enough. Resilient. Loveable. Brave. Capable. Creative. Courageous.

However, even in the midst of this messiness, struggle and confusion - you and your presence are a gift!

On this adventure you will discover a clearer sense of who you truly are, a deeper appreciation of your own worthiness, greater joy and a grounded sense of self-confidence and self-compassion.

No more settling. No more hiding to please others. No more casting aside your emotions or femininity in order to succeed. No more playing small or forgetting about your own needs.

You will be able to be more of your true self. You will reconnect with your real needs, stand up for yourself with confidence and grace, handle challenging conversations and discover your boundaries and inner guidance.

Join us on this adventure and discover what it truly means to whole heartedly connect to you!

Over the next year, let's reconnect to and take ownership of your...

Career / Business, Confidence / Emotional Awareness, Giving / Contribution / Community, Family / Friends, Health / Body / Movement, Intimate Relationship, Leisure / Fun, Life Purpose / Passion, Money / Finances, Personal Growth, Living Space / Physical Environment and Travel / Holidays.

The Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub has been created to support women reconnect to their wholeness and become the Sovereign of their own life. It is a safe and supportive evidence-based online professional (un)learning hub for women who would like support to focus on their life and take time out for themselves, so they can find the courage to step forward, release what is no longer serving them and BE the leader of their own life.

How Does the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub Work?

The first part of the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub looks at the following 3 areas -

  • Introduction to Whole-Hearted Connection, 
  • Reconnecting to YOU, and
  • Moving Towards Whole-Hearted Connection.


The Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub then has a range of lessons, templates, images and processes to support you to BE the leader in your own life in 12 focus areas The focus areas are outlined below and have been designed for you to reconnect to your wholeness and be the Sovereign of your own life. You will be given the opportunity to take time out to align with what matters to you, learn to like and trust your self. You can read more in the free trial.

The focus areas are -

What Are the Benefits of the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub?

There are many benefits to joining the  Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub including -

  • Expansion and Personal Growth- as you participate and engage in Whole-Hearted Connection activities on a regular basis, you will discover additional confidence and evolve as a person.,
  • Practise, Practise, Practise - the key to life is paying attention and being present. Yes, this can be challenging. On the surface, it can appear easier to bolt and run away (don't worry I have done that many, many times), however in the long run it doesn't work. This is why we are going to continually practise coming back to focus on yourself and your needs.,
  • Focus - no longer will you feel like you are trying to do it all by yourself! In the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub, you will decide what your focus is and then take action towards that focus. You will find yourself more inspired to take action when you have a plan of focus.,
  • Energy and Flow - there may be days (or weeks) in your profession or personal life when you do not have very much energy. However, when you are aligned with your own heart, body and spirit, something happens and life starts to flow with ease and grace., 
  • Go at Your Own Pace - you have 12 months to work your way through the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub, so you can go at your own pace and learn in your own time, and
  • Encouragement and Support - you will have encouragement from Jane. When was the last time someone gave you genuine support and celebrated your successes? In the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub, we want to celebrate with you and share your successes, no matter how big or small they may seem!

Who is the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub for?

The Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub is for Womxn who - 

  • are ready to break up with disempowering habits and create habits that nourish your energy,
  • would like to step forward and stand in your own power,
  • want to continue to succeed in a way that is connected to your heart and spirit,
  • reconnect with your deepest potential and live in a more connected and sustainable way,
  • are ready to connect with a group of like-minded women to support you in being the expert of your own journey (yes we want to celebrate YOU and are not intimidated by your gifts and talents),
  • build a grounded sense of self-confidence and self-worth and change self-sabotaging patterns
    are waking up or have woken up to the truth of yourself as so much more than you thought, 
  • want to be held accountable to their dreams and desires and live in harmony across all areas of your life,
  • would like access to consistent education and support to stay focused,
  • want to belong to an (un)learning community that is practical and grounded in research and education,
  • are ready to keep growing and learning to continue to take your personal and professional life to the next level!

Basically, the Whole-Hearted Connection (Un)Learning Hub is about you coming home to yourself, showing up for yourself over the next year. 

The Whole-Hearted Connection (un)Learning Hub can be purchased separately or as part of the Whole-Hearted Connection if you wanted to join a community. More information is here.

What are other People Saying about the Habits for Wellbeing Online Communities?

"Thank you Jane for putting so much effort into helping us help ourselves... sometimes we need a not so gentle nudge and reminder that we are as important as the people we love, care for, worry about and help.. AND if we don't put ourselves into the beginning of the equation in our thoughts and action, things can get really messed up... plus it's exhausting 'being there' for everyone, when we aren't there for ourselves... looking forward to the next chapter of the journey." - GT.

Ready to Join?

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Jane Taylor

Hi I am Jane and I am passionate about supporting people express their real truth. At present, I am an ICF PCC Coach, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Teacher and Registered HPE Teacher. I am passionate about supporting people to reconnect and engage with their whole self (even the so-called un-acceptable parts), so they can stand in their own power and express their whole-heartedly connected selves with the world. You can read more about me on linked-in here

Course curriculum

  • 2

    2. Introduction to Whole-Hearted Connection

    • Do You Give Yourself Permission?

    • What is Whole-Hearted Connection?

    • Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability - What Do They Mean for You?

    • Areas of Life - What Are They for You?

    • Living Above the Line: Where Are You Now?

  • 3

    3. Reconnecting to YOU!

    • As I Began to Love Myself by Charlie Chaplin

    • I Am Me by Virginia Satir

    • Identifying Your Vision

    • Identifying Your Core Values

    • Identifying Your Virtues

    • Identifying Your Character Strengths

    • Identifying Your Human Needs

    • What Motivates You?

    • Identifying Your YOU'nique Definition of Success

    • Creating Your Mission Statement

    • Creating Your Self-Empowerment Portfolio

  • 4

    4. Moving Towards Whole-Hearted Connection

    • Living Above the Line: Where Will You Start?

    • Creating a Yearly Personal Growth and Development Outline

    • What is the Difference Between an Intention, Goal and Outcome?

    • Monthly Personal Growth and Development Action Plan & Action Tracker Templates

    • Establishing Clear Commitments With Yourself

    • Identifying Stumbling Blocks

  • 5

    6. BONUS MODULE: Grateful YOU - Toolkit for Cultivating Gratitude

    • Gratitude - Where Are You Now?

    • What is Gratitude?

    • What Are the Benefits of Gratitude?

    • Challenges to Practicing Gratitude

    • Inspirational Videos on Gratitude

    • Research Videos on Gratitude

    • Activity 1: How to Create a Gratitude Jar (with Sentence Starters)

    • Activity 2: Date or Tour Guide

    • Activity 3: Wonder and Curiosity

    • Activity 4: HEAL: Four Steps for Taking in the Good

    • Activity 5: 3 Things a Day, 5 Reasons Why & Feeling

    • Activity 6: Gratitude Journal Quotes

    • Activity 7: 365 Thank You Notes

    • Activity 8: Thank You Cards

    • Activity 9: 100 Things

  • 6

    7. BONUS MODULE: Boundaries With Courage

    • What are Personal Boundaries?

    • Why Have Personal Boundaries?

    • Types of Personal Boundaries

    • Identifying Your Boundary Areas

    • The Ten Laws of Boundaries

    • Boundary Myths

    • Boundaries: Where Are You Now?

    • Your Boundaries With Courage Vision

    • Creating Courageous Boundaries - Where Will You Start?

    • 3 Ways of Setting Boundaries

    • Establishing Courageous Boundaries With Yourself

  • 7

    Career / Business

    • Career / Business - 12 Journal Prompts

    • Starting to Manage Interruptions

    • Establishing Clear Commitments With Others

    • Ideas and Strategies for Saying "No"

    • Deciding Whether to Say 'Yes' or 'No' to a Request

    • By Saying 'Yes', I Am Saying 'No' & By Saying 'No', I Can Say 'Yes'

  • 8

    Confidence / Emotional Awareness

    • Confidence and Emotional Awareness - 12 Journal Prompts

    • Exploring Confidence and What It Means to You

    • Why Do People Lack Confidence?

    • Developing Emotional Literacy

    • Learning to Label Emotions

    • Decision-Making Using Emotional Intelligence

    • Are these 10 Positive Emotions Part of Your Life?

    • 1 Way to Start to Untangle Overwhelm

  • 9

    Family / Friends

    • Family / Friends - 12 Journal Prompts

    • Understanding Trust - The Seven Elements of Building Trust

    • What and Who Represents Your Inner Circle?

    • What Are Personal Boundaries?

    • Identifying Your Personal Boundaries

    • Starting to Shift from the Drama Triangle to the Winner's Triangle

    • Helping Versus Enabling

    • The Seven Deadly Shoulds

    • Red Flags in Relationships

    • The Five Freedoms by Virginia Satir

  • 10

    Giving / Contribution / Community

    • Giving, Contribution and Community - 12 Journal Prompts

    • The Gift of Giving

    • The Gift of Receiving

  • 11

    Health / Body / Movement

    • Health, Body and Movement - 12 Journal Prompts

    • What Mindful Movement Activity Interests You?

    • The Body Appreciation Scale

    • Your Personal Body Space

    • The Difference Between Exercise and Movement (and Why It Matters)

    • The Eight Pillars of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance

    • Weekly Meal Planner

  • 12

    Intimate Relationship

    • Intimate Relationship - 12 Journal Prompts

    • Remembering You Are Enough

    • Is Self-Compassion Relevant to You?

    • What is Self-Care?

    • Self-Care - Where Am I Now?

    • Your Absolute 'Yes' List

    • Your Absolute 'No' List

    • Creating a Morning Self-Care Routine

    • Starting to Cultivate Gratitude

  • 13

    Leisure / Fun

    • Leisure / Fun - 12 Journal Prompts

  • 14

    Living Space / Physical Environment

    • Living Space / Physical Environment - 12 Journal Prompts

    • Time to Create Smartphone Boundaries?

    • Time to Create Technology Boundaries?

    • How to Clear Out You Wardrobe

  • 15

    Money / Finances

    • Money / Finances - 12 Journal Prompts

    • Is It Time to Reconnect With Your Finances?

    • Tracking Your Spending and Income - Starting to Look in the Financial Mirror

    • How Much Does It Cost to Be You?

    • Identifying Your Current Income and Monthly Cushion

    • Identifying Your Debt and Net Worth

    • Reconnecting With Your Insurances and Superannuation

    • Discovering Any Money Leaks

    • Creating Your Financial Calendar

    • Creating a Spending Plan

    • Remembering You Have Enough

  • 16

    Personal Growth

    • 12 Journal Prompts for Personal Growth

    • Increasing Awareness on Asking for Help

    • Identifying the 10 Forms of Cognitive Distortions

    • Using the ABCDE Model to Challenge Adversity

    • Starting to Develop Habits

    • Decisional Balance Template

    • Questioning Beliefs

    • The Power of Words

    • Learning to Control the Controllables

  • 17


    • Self-Management - 12 Journal Prompts

    • What is Self-Management?

    • What is My Personal Disorganisation Costing Me?

    • Time to Lighten the Stress Load?

    • How Valuable is Your Time?

    • Simple Time Audit - Where Is Your Time Going Now?

    • Time to Take Action on that Niggle List?

    • Building Systems in to Your Current Life

    • Starting to Develop Systems

    • Identifying Your Priorities for a Week

    • Reducing Distractions

    • Weekly Planning Process: Plan Your Week Ahead of Time

    • Creating Your Important Dates Calendar

  • 18

    Travel / Holidays

    • Travel / Holidays - 12 Journal Prompts

  • 19

    5. BONUS MODULE: Slow Down and Tune In - Toolkit for Journaling and (Un)Learning

    • Reflections e-Journal

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