Course Description


Jane Taylor

Hi I am Jane and I am passionate about supporting people express their real truth. At present, I am an ICF PCC Coach, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Teacher and Registered HPE Teacher. I am passionate about supporting people to reconnect and engage with their whole self (even the so-called un-acceptable parts), so they can stand in their own power and express their whole-heartedly connected selves with the world. You can read more about me on linked-in here

Course curriculum

  • 2

    2. Introduction to Creating Your Whole-Hearted Vision

    • Do You Give Yourself Permission?

    • How Does the Creating Your Whole-Hearted Vision Toolkit Work?

    • Why is Self-Reflection Important for You?

    • Stage of Change: Where Are You Now?

    • Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability - What Do They Mean for You?

    • Areas of Life - What Are They for You?

    • Living Above the Line: Where You Are Now?

  • 3

    3. Reconnecting to You!

    • As I Began to Love Myself by Charlie Chaplin

    • I Am Me by Virginia Satir

    • Identifying Your Vision

    • Identifying Your Core Values

    • Identifying Your Virtues (Synonym to Character Strengths)

    • Identifying Your Character Strengths (Synonym to Virtues)

    • Identifying Your Human Needs

    • What Motivates You?

    • Identifying Your YOU'nique Definition of Success

    • Creating Your Mission Statement

    • Creating Your Self-Empowerment Portfolio

  • 4

    4. Moving Towards Your Whole-Hearted Vision

    • Creating a Yearly Personal Growth and Development Outline

    • Living Above the Line: Where Will You Start?

    • What is the Difference Between an Intention, Goal and Outcome?

    • Establishing Clear Commitments With Yourself

    • 28-Day Personal Growth and Development Action Plan & Action Tracker Templates

    • Identifying Stumbling Blocks

  • 5

    5. Extra Resources and Conclusion

    • Feedback and Review on the Creating Your Whole-Hearted Vision

    • Extra Resources and Recommended Books