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Ready to Reconnect, Organise and Prioritise Your Finances? | taught by Jane Taylor

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Background and Why? 

Currently there are a number of reasons why it is important for women to focus and prioritise their money and finances. Some of the research states -

  • The current national gender pay gap in Australia is 18.8%, which equates to men earning $298.10 per week more than women.
  • The overall gender difference in superannuation balances was 45.7%, with the average man’s superannuation balance being nearly twice the size of the average woman’s (approximately $37,749 difference in average superannuation balances).
  • Financial issues remain the leading cause of stress amongst Australians with more than half of Australians identifying finances as a cause of stress.
  • Family and financial issues were the leading cause of stress for women.
  • One in three marriages end in divorce.

These factors as well others can have an impact on the health and wellbeing of women, so it comes as little surprise that women are finding it increasingly difficult to find time to nurture their own financial wellbeing, so they can take time out and prioritise themselves.

Welcome to Money Clarity - Toolkit for Reconnecting, Organising and Focusing on Your Relationship With Money.

"Money Clarity" is for womxn who are ready to change their relationship with money and start focusing, get clarity and develop self-awareness and self-management processes (i.e. get organised) around their money and finances, so they can have the energy, awareness and take action towards creating a career and life they love.

Currently, maybe you - 

Feel like you don't have enough money?

Bills being paid late? Forgetting you had gift vouchers and find them when they are expired?

Don't know where your money is going? Receipts, invoices and financial documents all over the place?

Are trying to fit it all in, however are feeling tired and run down?

Or even feeling a sense of powerlessness over your finances?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't worry you are not alone!

Why not join us for Money Clarity, so you can discover where you are financially and create a life you love!

Specifically you will learn to -

  • Take time out to reflect and focus on your own money and financial situation.
  • Create your financial vision and identify what wealth is for you (yes it is different for each of us).
  • Establish sustainable habits and routines for your finances.
  • Focus on prioritising and identifying a range of strategies for your money and finances.
  • Start to reclaim your power.
  • Identify your money leaks.
  • Create a spending plan and debt repayment plan (if that relates to you).
  • Determine the attributes of your Inner Circle of Trust, so you can start looking for them.
  • Discover any stumbling blocks, including becoming aware of your inner critic.
  • Identify types of income you can make.
  • Start taking steps toward financial freedom.

Inclusions - 

The short description of the inclusions is as follows: 

You can read the long list of inclusions here

Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor

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Course Curriculum

6. Module 5: Extra Ideas for Enhancing Your Relationship with Money
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7. Conclusion and Extra Resources
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