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Ready to Discover the Calm Within the Chaos and Reconnect with Your Natural Flow? | taught by Jane Taylor

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How Does Practising Presence Work? 

Practising Presence is outlined on the following page. However as a guide, as a member of Practising Presence, you have the opportunity to take time out to align with what matters to you, learn to like and trust your self.

What Are the Benefits of Practising Presence?

There are many benefits to joining Practising Presence, including -

Who is Practising Presence YOU for?

What are other People Saying?

"Thank you Jane for putting so much effort into helping us help ourselves... sometimes we need a not so gentle nudge and reminder that we are as important as the people we love, care for, worry about and help.. AND if we don't put ourselves into the beginning of the equation in our thoughts and action, things can get really messed up... plus it's exhausting 'being there' for everyone, when we aren't there for ourselves... looking forward to the next chapter of the journey." - GT.

Ready to Join?

Great - it will be wonderful to have you in the community. We officially commence near each new moon (next Masterclass March 23, 2020), however you can join before and start some of the worksheets. 

You can join for $145 for 84 days or 2 people for $265 (contact Jane).

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Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor

You can read about Jane's bio here on Linked-in. 

If you have any further questions, you can contact us here.

Course Curriculum

8. Tools: Cultivating Self-Care
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