Course Description

Would you like to find out more about emotional literacy?

Life to increase your emotional awareness and leadership potential?

Want a greater capacity to cope with short and long-term stress?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not join us for the Untangling Emotional Literacy - (Un)Learning Toolkit for Enhancing Emotional Literacy.

Untangling Emotional Literacy is an (Un)Learning Toolkit for womxn who are ready to develop their emotional literacy knowledge and skills in a safe and supportive online environment for their own personal and professional self-leadership.

What is Included in the Untangling Emotional Literacy (Un)Learning Toolkit? 

Following is the short version for the Untangling Emotional Literacy (Un)Learning Toolkit -

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Jane Taylor

Hi I am Jane and I am passionate about supporting people express their real truth. At present, I am an ICF PCC Coach, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Teacher and Registered HPE Teacher. I am passionate about supporting people to reconnect and engage with their whole self (even the so-called un-acceptable parts), so they can stand in their own power and express their whole-heartedly connected selves with the world. You can read more about me on linked-in here

Course curriculum

  • 2

    2. Introduction to Untangling Emotional Literacy

    • How Does Untangling Emotional Literacy Work?

    • Stages of Change: Where Are You Now?

    • Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability (Living Above the Line) - What Do They Mean for You?

    • Do You Give Yourself Permission to BE YOU?

    • Emotional Literacy - Where Are You Now?

  • 3

    3. Module 1: Developing Emotional Literacy Knowledge and Skills

    • What is Emotional Literacy?

    • What is Self-Compassion? (including the Science of Self-Compassion)

    • What Are Emotions?

    • Starting to Notice Emotions

    • Recognising Emotions in Different Ways

    • Learning to Label Emotions

    • Emotional Check-ins: Name It to Navigate It

  • 4

    4. Module 2: Developing Self-Management Knowledge and Skills

    • What is Self-Management?

    • What is Stress?

    • Identifying Your Core Values

    • Identifying Your Human Needs

    • What Motivates You?

    • Ideas and Strategies for Saying "No"

    • Deciding Whether to Say 'Yes' or 'No' to a Request

    • Time to Take Action on that Niggle List?

  • 5

    5. Module 3: Establishing Emotional Literacy and Self-Management Knowledge and Skills to Develop Self-Trust

    • Understanding Trust - The Seven Elements of Building Trust

    • Experiencing Emotions as Data

    • Figuring Out Emotions Using An Emotions Diary

    • Making Emotional Choices or Decisions? Maybe It's Time to HALT!

    • Emotions and Their Messages

    • Reflections e-Journal

    • Naikan Reflection Process

    • RAIN Mindfulness Practice - Original

    • RAIN Mindfulness Practice - Tara Brach

  • 6

    6. Module 4: Embedding Emotional Literacy and Self-Management Skills in to Life

    • Increasing Emotional Vocabulary

    • Are these 10 Positive Emotions Part of Your Life?

    • HEAL: Four Steps for Taking in the Good

    • Unlocking EQ Quiz

    • Decision-Making Using Emotional Intelligence

    • The RULER Approach to Emotions

  • 7

    7. Extra Resources and Conclusion...

    • Book Links and References

    • Feedback and Review on Untangling Emotional Literacy